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Warwick Castle

Digital Image File Name 132688
Source Call Number S2914 Fo.3 no.13
Source Creator Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
Source Title [Plays] Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies : published according to the true original copies.
Image Details Troilus and Cressida
Source Created or Published 1663
Physical Description leaf 3C3 recto (page 556 [i.e. page 576])
Digital Image Type FSL collection
Creator (Hamnet) Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, author.
Uniform Title (Hamnet) Plays
Title (Hamnet) Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies : published according to the true original copies.
Edition (Hamnet) The third impression.
Place of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet) London :
Publisher (Hamnet) Printed for Philip Chetwinde,
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet) 1663.
Physical Description (Hamnet) [20], 568, 560-607, 609-658, 657-664, 667-715, 714-877, [1], 20, 48, 50-53, 53-100 p. : 1 port. (engraving) ; 34 cm (fol.)
Associated Name (Hamnet)
Chetwind, Philip, bookseller.
Daniel, Roger, printer.
Ratcliffe, Thomas, active 1628-1667, printer.
Warren, Alice, -1665, printer.
Hayes, John, 1633 or 1634-1705, printer.
Lyman Maynard Stowe Library, former owner.
Warwick Castle (Warwick, England). Shakespeare Library, former owner.
Notes (Hamnet)
Printed for Philip Chetwind (ESTC).
Signatures: [superscript pi]A⁴(-[superscript pi]A1,2 +[superscript pi]A1.2) [superscript pi]b⁶ A-2A⁶ 2B⁸ 2C-4D⁶ 4E⁴ a⁶ b⁴ *-4*⁴, [par.]A-[par.]B⁶ [par.]C-[par.]F⁴ [par.]G⁶. (In all copies known, [superscript pi]A3 is missigned 'A2'.)
Printed by Roger Daniel (A-E, I-Z, 2G-3A, 3P-4E, a-b, *-4*, and [par.]A-[par.]G), John Hayes or Thomas Ratcliffe (F-H, 2A-2F, and 3I-3O), and Alice Warren (3B-3H). Cf. Greg p. 1117n2, 1705.
Issued with seven plays added in this edition, which have separate pagings and signatures (20, 48, 50-53, 53-100 p. and sigs. a⁶ b⁴ *-4*⁴, [par.]A-[par.]B⁶ [par.]C-[par.]F⁴ [par.]G⁶): Pericles Prince of Tyre, The London prodigall, The history of Thomas Ld. Cromwell, Sir John Oldcastle Lord Cobham, The puritan widow, A York-shire tragedy, and The tragedy of Locrine.
Folger copy 13 has, of the three title pages proper to this edition, that on the recto of the cancellandum title leaf (-[superscript pi]A2), in state 2 (with the port. on the title page). Edition statement (5th line of t.p.) is touched up with pen and ink. Title leaf is patched in the lower and outer margins and is ruled in red, recto and verso.
Port. in state 3.
Has the associated "verses" on the facing page, the verso of the cancellandum "verses" leaf (-[superscript pi]A1). "Verses" leaf is extended and patched in the lower outer corner and margin and is ruled in red, recto and verso.
Also present is the cancellans title leaf (+[superscript pi]A2) with the title page on the recto: "Mr. William Shakespear's comedies, histories, and tragedies. Published according to the true original copies. The third impression. And unto this impression is added seven playes, never before printed in folio.... London, printed for P. C. 1664." Bound after the other t.p.; backed.
Imperfections affect text slightly on A3, 2X4 recto (catchword shaved), 3I3, [par.]C4, and [par.]F1 and very slightly on S5, 2X3, and 3I4.
Variant states and printings, as recorded by James G. McManaway, "New discoveries in the Third Folio," PBSA, v. 70, (1976), 469-80, and other such variations, are identified in file.
Manuscript additions include a poem, "An elegant complement [sic] to Shakespear, and Garrick", dated March 1769 (16 lines; 1st line: "As Nature and Garrick were talking one day"); on a leaf bound between [superscript pi]b5-6. Also, in the same hand, annotations and emendations (one dated 20 July 1803), passim, and a few jottings in a later 19th-cent. hand, passim; record on file.
Book stamp of Stowe library.
Bookplate of Warwick Castle library.
Citations (Hamnet)
English short title catalogue (ESTC), R30560
Wing, D.G. Short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America, and of English books printed in other countries, 1641-1700 (2nd ed.), S2913
Greg, W.W. Bibliography of the English printed drama to the Restoration, p. 1116-17, 1705
Call Number (Hamnet) S2914 Fo.3 no.13
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displayName [Plays] Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies : published according to the true original copies.
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displayTitle [Plays] Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, and tragedies : published according to the true original copies.
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